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Hold a guitar pick with ease!

  - Learn to hold a pick in a correct position
  - Stop dropping and losing guitar picks
  - Hold a pick with a light touch--no more hand cramps

  Jam Kat Guitar Pick Holder is your solution!

Perfect gift for every guitar player.

Jason Gregory

For just $14.95, open up to new technique, comfort and ease!

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Why wait to jam in total freedom?

"Rarely does something come out that is so innovative yet so simple.
This IS the device."

-Mark Mendoza, bass player of Twisted Sister

Revolutionary & New
Dynamic Guitar Pick Holder!

The patented Jam Kat gives guitar players freedom and flexibility. It's not a thumbpick; it's not stuck to your guitar body. Wear Jam Kat on your index finger. A simple thumb sweep engages the guitar pick to an optimal position, while a spring-loaded harness keeps the pick out of the way for finger strumming.

A guitar pick holder lets you switch between picking & fingerstyle on the fly!

Flatpick, fingerstyle, slide, tapping, knob-tweak, write, record, teach, grab a mic (play piano or sax) without ever putting the guitar pick down, palming, dropping or losing it. Jam Kat guitar pick holder is an absolute must for jamming, improvising and songwriting.

See what guitar players are saying about Jam Kat guitar pick holder!

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Jam Kat Guitar Pick Holder

  - Use a fraction of the force normally required to
     hold a pick
  - Guitar Pick won't slip or slide around

Featured Artist

New York's Jerry Cherry

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Jam Kat Guitar Pick-Holder. The Ultimate Guitar Pick Holder for Professional and Beginning Guitar Players. Leave Your Mark.