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Mark Mendoza of Twisted Sister

"Rarely does something come out that is so innovative yet so simple. This IS the device."

-Mark Mendoza, bass player, Twisted Sister

Luis Villegas uses FLiP!

"The Jam Kat (FLiP!) is perfect for my hybrid flamenco/latin jazz technique. I can fly up and down scales with a pick and in an instant do a rasqueado without worrying about where to put the pick. Genius!"

-Luis Villegas, Grammy-nominated Flamenco/Latin Jazz Recording Artist

“I’ve been in the (guitar) accessories business for 18 years, and this is the best invention I’ve ever seen.”  ( -Jeff Moore, former VP-Sales for Fender Musical Instruments)

Jam Kat is working out great! I was excited the first time tried it… Consistent pick position with the spring pushing the pick against my thumb enables me to focus less on my pick grip pressure. Because my pick grip is more relaxed, my hand and wrist are more relaxed. I can change around my pick angle without worrying… The Jam Kat is definitely a winner for me and will be part of my playing from now on.” (-Wade Stone)

“ works great. I've been using it in all my performances. I haven't dropped the pick yet! With all the tapping and switching between finger style and strumming it's a total improvement. Thanks!” (-Michael Jones)

p>“I love mine and it gives me a solid tone too!” (-Delene St. Clair,guitarist with The Hot Pursuit Band & Cahill and Delene)

“Very cool product…I primarily play with a pick but have been trying to work on my finger picking. This is what exactly what I needed. I will be showing this neat piece of gear off to my colleagues.” (-Phil Silviera, Morgan Hill Music)

“I've been using the Jam Kat for about a month now and I noticed that I now have a hard time playing with out it. It makes things so easy. Thanks for making such a great product!!!” (-Ben Coulter, (posted on YouTube)

“Worked surprisingly well, was skeptical before buying because this is a new co', but it worked surpassingly well, and did its job (making sure the pick doesn't fall, and easy switch from pick style to finger style).” (-Zac U.)

“Nice product. The Jam Kat works well. I have a much better sound with the Jam Kat rather than strumming with my finger nail.” (-Isaiah C.)

“I am very happy with the product. It is just like the ad I am going to buy another to have as a back up. I am also going to give one as a gift to another professional player. Thanks for such a quality product.” (-Donna C.)

“It took a couple of days to get the hang of it. Since I bought mine, I have ordered some for my students. This is a great investment if you switch between pick to finger style.” (-Ross A.)

“I started warming up on my nylon first, alternating between fingered scales and picked scales. The transition was seamless. I tried the same thing with my steel acoustic. Except for the obvious differences in the attack, you couldn't tell. What a wonderful invention you have here. It’s incredible! I'd wish you luck, but you won't need it. I can guarantee that you'll be selling out to every music store, chain and discerning guitarist around the world very, very shortly. All my best to you and this AMAZING Jam Kat.” (-Richard G.)

JJ French of Twisted Sister loves his Jam Kat


-Jay Jay French, guitarist, Twisted Sister

Billy uses a 14K Gold FLiP!

"Thank you so much...for being such a big part of what I know I was born to do... What you have accomplished will enable me to accomplish what I am meant to do as well. I can't wait to share with the world what a big part of this story you have become. I thank God for leading me to you, I love you guys."

-Billy Reasons, Country Music Recording Artist, Nashville TN

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